Erin was raised on sun, surf, and sand in Southern Orange County and graduated with a degree from UC San Diego in Theatre/Dance

before unleashing her bohemian side!


After moving to Los Angeles Erin joined contemporary dance company "Roseanna Gamson Worldwide" and began touring.  Erin's subsequent work with renowned performance artists Robert Wilson, Eleanor Antin and Karen Finley lead her to open herself to a more fantastical journey.  


She became inspired by the wild creativity of the then underground pioneer cirque theater troupe Lucent Dossier Experience and joined as a full-time member in their first year.  Erin ran away with the circus to tour the world and is still performing with the company!

She additionally toured with Panic! at the Disco and the Dresden Dolls.


Erin has appeared in many plays, short and independent films, and over 25 television commercials.  


She loves fine wine, smoking her father’s old pipe, single malt scotch,

hosting tea parties and artist salons and tending her collection of over 200 exotic orchids.  Additionally, Erin also works as an animal handler and educator performing shows with animals and creating connections through pet therapy at schools, and convalescent/retirement homes through the Mobile Zoo of Southern California.


Erin has her own line of French style botanical soap called Éclore Soap.